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Policy on Religious Holidays

Policy on Technology Fluency

Policy and Procedures for Development and Approval of Written Academic Agreements


Faculty Handbook

Staff Handbook

Student Handbook


Provost’s Modifications of Tenure Track Faculty and Librarian Faculty Promotion Protocols: AY2021-2022 Cycle

Faculty Hiring Principles

Classroom Management Website

Criteria and Process for Formation of a School From an Existing Unit within a College at UMBC

New Academic Program Approval Guidelines

New Academic Program Approval Packet (PDF)

Instructions for Completing New Program Budget for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

New Program Budget Template

Retention Rate Tables for New Program Budget Template (excel) (pdf)

Current Academic Program Review (APR) Guidelines

The Academic Program Review process is conducted on Blackboard. Programs being reviewed will find APR guidelines on the Bb site.

APR Guidelines, Next Generation APR Pilot Guidelines

UMBC CV Format

Post-APR Guidance and Template

Year Three Review (YTR) Guidance and Template

Master Schedule

Supplemental Faculty Form

Supplemental Faculty Form

New Faculty Start-up Cost Worksheet

Valedictorian Selection Process

Valedictorian Selection Process