Strategic Planning

Our UMBC – A Strategic Plan for Advancing Excellence 2013-16 can be found here.




Historical Postings

UMBC-UMB Inter-Institutional Collaboration Inventory (2011)

Focusing Our Resources for Results: Mid-Year Update on University Priorities (April 2012)

Focusing Our Resources for Results: Collaborative Initiatives to Advance the University’s Strategic Plan (July 2009)

Focusing Our Resources for Results: Update on Initiative to Advance UMBC (March 31, 2010)

Strategic Framework for 2016

Framing the Future Final (updated August 2005)

Academic Plan Cluster Recommendations and Feedback

Archive of Prior Planning Reports

Student Administration Phase II Faculty Website (includes SA training material and archived communications)


Classroom Facilities Planning

Classroom Maintenance and Upgrade Plan (Fall 2009)

Update on Classroom and Lecture Hall Renovations for FY’11 and FY’12 (August 2010)