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Applied Learning Experiences During COVID-19

Internships, Cooperative Education, Research Experiences, and Service-Learning & Community Engagement


November 5, 2020


Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

As we continue contemplating the placement of students in off-campus applied learning activities during the Winter session and Spring 2021 semester, UMBC will follow public health guidance, along with local jurisdiction mandates. In alignment with the University’s decision to offer most classes online this winter and spring, we expect that most UMBC students involved in Winter and/or Spring Applied Learning Experiences will be planning to work and engage remotely.

However, those students involved in University-recognized Applied Learning Experiences, including Internships, Cooperative Education, Research Experiences, and Service-Learning & Community Engagement activities (credit-bearing and non-credit-bearing) who need to be face-to-face (or who begin remotely and want to move to face-to-face over the course of the winter session and/or spring semester), must request an exception through the University in order to participate in those activities face-to-face. This requirement applies only to students in face-to-face experiences not mandated by their degree programs. Students should check with their instructor/internship/service-learning activity advisor to see whether or not this activity has been preapproved by UMBC, in which case an exception has already been granted.

If the student is unable to participate in a fully online/remote or alternative learning environment with their host site/organization, an exception may be requested if all of the following apply:

  • the Applied Learning activity, in a face-to-face capacity, is lawful in the local jurisdiction and online/remote participation is not feasible; and
  • sufficient safeguards are in place for the health and safety of the student and any involved community members; and
  • the student voluntarily elects to participate in a face-to-face capacity knowing and assuming the risks inherent in that decision.

Requests for exceptions must be submitted by the student to the Applied Learning Experience Exception Team (ALEET) using UMBC’s ALEET Exception Request Form which requires a description of safety practices/protocols that will be in place at the host site/organization and authorization by the student’s UMBC Applied Learning Advisor/Mentor (this may be the students’ professor or Academic Department overseeing their experience, the Career Center, the Shriver Center, or another similar UMBC entity). UMBC will review the exception request and notify the student, and Applied Learning Advisor/Mentor promptly.

Each of us plays an important role in mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Your support and understanding during these extraordinarily challenging times is greatly appreciated. We will continue to share information as the situation unfolds.


Philip Rous, Provost