Classroom Management

The Provost’s Classroom Committee, under the leadership of Antonio Moreira, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, is reviewing classroom scheduling practices and providing recommendations on scheduling that will lead to more efficient use of classrooms and lecture halls.

As part of its charge, the committee will provide oversight of the classroom upgrades and maintenance needs on the campus, and provide a forum to discuss the size of classrooms needed.

The Classroom Management Web site provides a link between the users of general assignment classrooms and the offices responsible for those classrooms.

The Class Scheduling Adjudicating Committee acts on requests for non-standard class times. Requests for non-standard scheduling should be reviewed and approved by the this committee.

The Registrar’s Office develops schedules for using approximately 100 general purpose classrooms.

Office of Information Technology’s Classroom Technology Group ensures that the tools integrate smoothly to make teaching more effective.

The Department of Physical Plant’s Office of Facilities Management is responsible for the physical assets of the University to ensure a quality environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors in support of the University’s mission of teaching, research and outreach.

For a complete list of participants in the Classroom Committee, see the Classroom Committee Web page.