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Resources for Current and Retired Faculty and Staff

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Resources for Current Faculty

Faculty Handbook

Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Adjunct Faculty Policies and Procedures at UMBC

Resources for Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty at UMBC

Flexible Work Arrangements for Faculty

Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee

Research at UMBC


Faculty Development

Faculty Development Center

Sponsored Research Appointments

Office of Information Technology

New Media Learning and Development

Link to SA Academic Advisory Committee Group Page

Internal Funding Opportunities

Research Education and Training

Research Seminars and Workshops


Faculty Awards

Hrabowski Fund for Academic Innovation Competition

2014-15 Presidential Teaching and Research Faculty Call for Nominations

List of all Presidential Research and Presidential Teaching Professors

2014-15 Regents’ Faculty Awards Nominations



Faculty Mentor Positions

Faculty Mentor Positions



Resources for Postdoctoral Fellows

UMBC Postdoctoral Fellows Program for Faculty Diversity



Resources for Current Staff

Staff Development

Staff Handbook

Human Resources

Training and Organization Development


Staff Awards
Current Year

Staff Awards Criteria

Staff Awards Nomination Form (Word)

Professional History Form

Sample Letter of Nomination

Historical List of Winners

Historical List of all UMBC Presidential Distinguished Staff Awardees

Historical List of all UMBC Board of Regents Award Winners

Historical List of UMBC Jakubic Family Endowment Awardees

Marilyn E. Demorest Award for Faculty Advancement

Past Karen L. Wensch Endowment Award Winners

Employee of the Quarter

Emeritus Status for Professional Associate Staff



Resources for Retired Faculty and Staff

UMBC Association of Retired Faculty

Emeritus Status for Professional Associate Staff


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